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Efficient To-Do List Free  v.

Efficient To-Do List Free is a cross-platform task manager. It makes every effort to assist you in following the "First Things First" principle and brings you the sense of on-time job accomplishment. And you can sync data across PC and mobile phone.

To Do List Screensaver for Mac OS  v.1.0

A useful and unique ToDo List manager and works in the form of a screensaver for Macintosh. Its a tool that gently reminds you of your various tasks. Input your tasks and settings and simply walk away from your computer for a few minutes, and youll

TodoPlus (Windows edition) (to-do list)  v.1.620

Free task manager. Organize large to-do lists the easy way. Focus on your most important tasks first. Reduce time spend on unimportant tasks. Stay focused on one task at a time. Always know what to do next. Achieve more in less time by being more

To-Do List  v.2.4.0

To-do List is a simple yet effective task list program for Windows. Easy to use and always on hand To-do List helps you productively manage your tasks. Small, simple, affordable and effective.

Veedid Desktop To-Do List Free Edition  v.

Veedid Desktop To-Do List Free Edition is a free printable to- do list software, a novice can master it

Graphical To-Do List  v.0.1.4

Provides a graphical treeview front-end written in Gambas ( for the excellent "tdl" (to-do list) command-line

To-do-list for windows  v.1.0

A windows to-do list. priority, state(status), short and long description, start and due and completed dates with calendar date picker, %completed, sorting. windows 2000 and up (unicode). should run under WINE. has NSIS installer. currently this

Ajax to do list  v.1.0

Simple to do list implemented in ajax on the client side and as a java servlet on the server side. Additionally transaction managment is implemented in the ajax part to for better perfomance on mobile web browsers.

Web Based To-Do List Manager  v.1.0

WebListManager is a browser based personal "to-do" list web application using Spring and Hibernate. Users can access their to-do lists from anywhere, home or office. A variety of views are provided to see the lists in helpful ways.

To do list calender filesharig  v.1.0

a calender a to do list and file sharing. All web based and runs on mysql servers sync with entourage and outlook. Runs on any server. Written in php code named tcf by serpent global

Android To Do List  v.1.0

A basic PDA function written for Android-based phones, this To Do app lets you categorize and prioritize checklists, assign due dates and alarms, set highly configurable recurring tasks, and add detailed notes to items.

CR To-Do List  v.1.0

This is a To-Do Lists program. You can add, edit and delete your things you have to do. I will use XML like database and i will also create some language packs.

Travel To-Do List  v.1.0

Description: 10 freeware "circular" icons of Web 2 Social Bookmarks for use in blogs, websites, desktops, softwares. The Linux version includes .PNG files sized from 512X512 to 16X16 pixels. Great for Bloggers. Content: Blinklist, Delicious, Digg,

Windows To-Do List Manager  v.1.0

A useful task organizer tool, allowing quick addition of tasks and organization of tasks by priority and sequence. Allows subtasks, grouping into categories, task status, printing and export of tasks into csv or HTML file formats and system reminders.

To-Do Stickies for Mac OS  v.1.4.3

A hierarchal To-Do List and Note manager designed to quickly generate to-do lists with notes. Each item in your to-do list can have children items, and each item has its own note field for more detail about the to-do item. Don’t get stuck

To-Do-O  v.1.0

To-Do-O the To-Do Organizer is a simple to-do list manager for mobile eSWT

Freemind-Conky To-Do Script  v.1.0

This script provides you an ability to show with conky your to-do list that is managed by Freemind. The detailed step-by-step instructions can be found here:

How To Do Meditation  v.

How To Do Meditation and how to meditate for beginners with spiritual guidance from spiritual teacher, Ryan Parenti. These powerful free guided meditations help you with this free online meditation tool. You can meditate correctly, right now! You

What To Do  v.1.04

Did you ever go someplace, come back, and realize there were other things you could have gotten done while you were there? Wouldn't it be great to avoid all those extra trips? That's why I created What To Do. With What To Do you can record your To

To Do Enhanced  v.1.1.2

A very flexible desktop app that holds a list of things to do

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